Otsego County Parks and Recreation

Otsego Lake County Park Rules



Campsites 29-43 are vertical campsites only. ( The trailer must be pulled in or backed in on the campsite)

Quiet hours are from 10:30pm - 7:00am (All outside radios, stereos, cd players need to be turned off)

Only two vehicles per campsite after 10:30pm - Additional vehicles spending the night need to move to visitor parking

Visitors must leave by 10:30pm

Vehicles may not park on camp roads

Campsites may have 1 trailer or 1 tent trailer and up to 2 tents

Your campsite's number and boundary line are marked on camp roads

Campsite boundaries are marked by a line on the camp road and the electrical pedestal at the back of the site

1 picnic table per campsite

Dumpsters and recycle bins are provided for campers

No Soliciting

Check out time is 1:00pm

Campsite registration or reservation is only guaranteed for dates requested, if available you may renew your campsite

Maximum stay: 15 nights on same site (Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Reservations made be made 1 year in advance. 70 sites are reserved on a first come basis. A reservation guarantees a site but not a specific site. Park Rangers do not assign sites

Lake Front Sites include numbers 28, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39

  • A Party camped on a lake front site may only stay on a lake front site for 15 consecutive nights. The total number of consecutive nights includes transfers to any lake front site.
  • For example: if a party is camped on a lake front site for 12 consecutive nights and would like to transfer to another lake front site, the party could only transfer to the lake front site for 3 consecutive nights. The transfer could not exceed 3 nights
  • If a camper is on a lake front site for 15 consecutive nights they party could transfer to any non lake front site. If the party has vacated the lake front sites for 2 consecutive nights the party may return to any lake front site and begin the 15 consecutive night rule

For your safety and the safety of others

  • Keep animals on a 6' leash and attended at all times
  • Please clean up after your animal, bags are provided in the park
  • No animals or glass containers permitted in the beach area
  • Animals are only permitted in the water at the dog park located near the boat launch
  • Ground fires in camp fire receptacles ONLY
  • No garbage, glass, cans in fire pits
  • NO FIREWORKS or sparklers of any kind permitted in the park
  • No transport of firewood, please leave it or burn it
  • No discharge of firearms, bow/arrow, rifles, air guns, sling shots


Transfers are on a first come first served basis. Transfers to an open site may take place at any time. Transfers to an occupied site may take place after 8:00pm the evening before the check out date of the occupied site. In-park campers have the first choice regarding transfers. If available you may renew your campsite. Site renewals if available must take place by 8:00pm the evening before scheduled check-out date.

Campsites are not transferable to another party.

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