Otsego County Parks and Recreation

Otsego County Parks and Recreation Commission

Dave Baragrey, President

Scott Courterier, Vice President

Randy Stults, Secretary

Doug Johnson, Otsego Co. Board of Commissioners

Bill Holewinski, Otsego Co. Road Commission

Judy Jarecki, Otsego Co. Planning Commission

Abel Cruz

Butch Fleming

Tom Johnson

Bonny Miller

Kyle Ryan, Parks & Recreation Director

The Otsego County Parks and Recreation Commission meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:00p.m. . All meetings are open to the public. Public Comment on all non-agenda items should be presented at the beginning of the meeting where provided during the agenda item for public comment (Article VI, section 9). Public comment on agenda items shall only be given during the public comment period of the agenda item. Public comment is at the beginning of the meeting so the Commission can hear concerns and questions before acting on an issue (Article VI, section 9). The deadline to add items to the Commission's meeting agenda shall be seven business days prior to the next regularly scheduled Commission meeting (Article VI, section 13). In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons with physical limitations that may tend to restrict access to or participation in this meeting should contact the Otsego County Building at (989) 731-7520 at least twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled start of the meeting. 


Otsego County Community Center (989) 732-6521. Otsego Lake County Park (989) 731-6448

2016 Meeting Schedule

  • January 11th Otsego County Building, Room 100 
  • February 8th Otsego County Building, Room 100
  • March 14th Otsego County Building, Room 100
  • April 11th Otsego County Building, Room 100
  •  May 9th Otsego County Building, Room 100
  • June 13th Otsego Lake County Park
  • July 11th Otsego Lake County Park
  • August 8th Irontone Springs 
  • September 12th Otsego Lake County Park 
  • October 10th Otsego County Building, Room 100 
  • November 14th Otsego County Building, Room 100 
  • December 12th Otsego County Building, Room 100 

Click here to view Parks & Recreation meeting minutes

Click here to view the Otsego County Parks and Recreation Bylaws

Click here to view the 2012 - 2016 Otsego County Community Recreation Plan

Otsego County Community Recreation Plan 2012-2016 Amendments added 1/28/14

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